Publications and Presentations

Human Generosity Project members publish in academic journals and other media and present their work at academic conventions.


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2016 Meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Wasielewski, Maldonado, Alcock, Mandel, Krajmalnik-Brown, & Aktipis: Evolutionary Dynamics of the Human Oral Microbiome.
Wasielewski HBES 2016

Campenni, Cronk, & Aktipis: Survival and resilience varying the correlation of shocks.

Iyer: The role of livestock transfer relationships in risk management among pastoralists in Karamoja, Uganda.

2015 Meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society

Lenfesty, Aktipis, & Cronk: “Spiritual Kinship”, Need-Based Transfers, and the Evolution of Cooperation

Campenni, Cronk, & Aktipis: Need-based transfers and account-keeping in social networks: How do alternatve cooperatve strategies scale-up?

Cronk, Gervais, & Aktipis: Generous by nature: Risk, need, and the evolution of human cooperation.

Chang, Cronk, & Aktipis: Cheater detection in need-based transfer systems.

Gervais: The relational contexts of generosity in a Fijian social network.